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My happy face when I am in a field lying on the grass chatting with beautiful people _allt

I am Katie, ex Business Bitch turned Yoga Teacher/Earth Witch. I have spent the last 10 years remembering and reconnecting to the magic within me and around me; the magic many of us had as young children.
Yoga was an integral part in my remembering and as time went on my practice because less of a practice on a mat and more of a living day to day practice. A practice to stay connected to my inner guidance, the Earth and it's cycles.

I feel deeply connected to nature and forever inspired by the land we live on and my witchy heritage.

My biggest joy is creating spaces to support others to reconnect to their inner magic. I desire to live in a world where people know themselves and trust their inner guidance, a world where we all feel confident following our truth and we all feel like an integral part of nature rather than separate from it. 
A big piece of this is knowing that there is no “one way”, no guru or teacher who can tell you what to do, no one who knows you better than you can know yourself. I believe so strongly in empowerment.
I will never tell you what to do, I will share my experiences and practices that have shaped my life and I will guide you to where you can find your own answers, your own magic. 
Balance is important so I promise that along the way amongst the “seriousness” of self development we will have some laughs and fun because life is for living right?! 
If you’d like to know more about me, my circles,  retreats or are interested in private Yoga sessions send me a message, I’d love to chat 


Just wanted to say last night's circle was amazing. Everything flowed perfectly from starting with the history, the questions, the sharing if it felt right, the guided meditation, just all of it left me feeling so powerful and calm. You are amazing, keep being magical ❤️

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