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Retreats & Circles

Go Deeper

Immersive environments that allow you the time and space to drop deeper into you.

Sussex & On-line


"There really aren’t words babe, when I’m in your presence I feel completely and utterly myself, I am empowered and I believe in myself, thank you for allowing me to step into my power. My tank is still so filled by the love and magic of the weekend. It was so easy and smooth it was how life should be"

Gen, Retreat Guest


You are not just a part of nature, you are an integral piece of the puzzle that makes up this beautiful Earth.

It’s time to remember just how magical you are.

I believe each and every one of us is here for a reason, we all have a purpose and our gifts are to be celebrated.

My intention is to create a space where you are able to remember how amazing you are. A space to connect to yourself and to recognise that all the beauty you see around you in nature is a reflection of your own beauty.

My offerings are intended to support you to connect to your own inner wisdom, to help you find your voice and your own unique truth so that you can live the life that brings you the most joy and fulfilment. 

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